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Getting started guide: In 5 steps to digital timesheets
Getting started guide: In 5 steps to digital timesheets

5 easy steps to create digital timesheets and to better organize your team(s)

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Getting started with digital timesheets is easy with our Teams & Timesheets module. Once you have enabled the module, you can follow these five steps to make your work more efficient.

1st: Invite team leads & create your first team

After you enable Teams and Timesheets, you will be able to set up your teams in the Web Portal.

  1. Make sure you invite your team lead as Manager or Crew in > Farm settings in the App.

    Before creating your first team, think about who your team leads, typically supervisors of your seasonal workers should be. Team leads can log hours for themselves and their team members in the App.

  2. Add a new team in Teams in the Web Portal:

    1. give each team a name

    2. then add the employee name and

    3. your own employee ID (this comes in handy when downloading the hour logs to be used for payroll or with other systems)

2nd: Clock in as Manager, supervisor (Crew), or for your team

Start recording hours in the Farmable App. You can use the "Clock in" feature to start tracking hours during your workday.

Hit > + in your App, select > Clock in, and follow these steps.

  1. Select who you are clocking in: You can deselect and select individual team members as needed, e.g. in case one of your workers is on sick leave or not working.

  2. Tap submit and start working. The app will now record the hours worked in the background automatically.

3rd: Clock out or Submit timesheets for yourself or your Team

Remember to log your hours at the end of the day. You have two options to record your hours and jobs: tap Clock out to finish your day if you are clocked in, or tap Submit timesheet.

  1. Tap Clock out or Submit timesheet

  2. Set date, start time and end time (if you are clocking out, these are filled automatically)

  3. Select the team and team members that you are clocking out or submitting time for

  4. Select tasks (job types) that were worked on

  5. Select the fields your team worked in

  6. Tap submit to log hours

4th: View hours logged on the go

View Hours in the App to get a quick overview of how many hours your employees and teams worked each day this week or how many hours they have already clocked this season.

As the Owner of a farm and as Manager, you can review hours for all teams and Team members in the App. If you are Crew and Team lead, the hours log will only show hours for yourself and your team members.

5th: Review and export hours from Web Portal

Use your recorded hours for payroll or other reporting by exporting and downloading hours logs in the Farmable Web Portal.

Filter your hour logs with a few clicks and export hours as XLS or CSV-file.

View and create reports including data on:

  • Date

  • Start and end time

  • Duration

  • Name of Team

  • Jobs done

  • Fields worked in

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