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First steps with Farmable
First steps with Farmable

A guide to get started more easily with your farm

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Welcome to Farmable. We put together this quick guide to help you get started.

To get started collecting your data, please make sure that you have downloaded the Farmable App on your phone and created a user account.

Step 1: Register your farm

The first step is to set up your farm in Farmable. To get started you only need to add your farm name and the country where your farm is based.

Additional details can easily be added later on in your farm's settings.

Step 2: Add your fields as the basis for your digital farm

The digital map of your fields is the basis for your farm in Farmable. All jobs, notes and harvest entries, working hours etc. are connected to your fields.

There are two ways you can get your fields set up on your farm in Farmable:

  1. Draw fields in the App

    1. Tap the corners of your field to draw the boundaries of the field

    2. Fill in the required details such as field name, crop category, variety and plant date

Wondering how to best set up your fields in Farmable, then read this article with best practices from other growers.

Step 3: Create your first job in the mobile app

Jobs are at the heart of Farmable to make planning, tracking and documenting all tasks in your fields effortless. All jobs recorded in the app can later be used for analysis and reporting in the Web Portal.

Growers using Farmable see most value in using Spray-jobs. Try and experience how it works by following the steps in the app. You can edit and delete any job that you create later on.

Create your first spray job

  1. Select job type (e.g. Spray)

  2. Select your field(s)

  3. Add cause and product in the process

  4. Add equipment in the process

  5. Select date (hint: you can select any date by scrolling the calendar up and down)

Step 4: View your fields and job(s) in the Web Portal

Once you have entered your first field(s) and created a job you can go ahead and view them in our Farmable Web Portal. All your data and information entered in the mobile App, including jobs, notes and harvest entries are immediately available for you to view on your laptop or PC.

Go ahead and explore the clickable map of your Fields for a deep dive into the activities in each field. Use your Logs to view and filter all your jobs and harvest entries.

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