How to add your fields to your farm

Choose to draw your fields in the App or import a file in the Web Portal

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To add your fields, you can either draw them in the mobile App, or you can import a file using the importer in the Web Portal.

Draw your fields in the mobile App

Tap the orange main button in the app and select Add field to expand your farm with a new field.

  1. Tap the corners of your field to draw the boundaries of the field.

  2. Next, fill in the mandatory details on the following screen.

    1. Field name

    2. Crop category

    3. Variety

    4. Plant date

Hint: On top of the screen you can immediately see the size of your field being calculated. You can use that to adjust the field boundaries to the right size.

Import a file of your fields in the Web Portal

If you have a geospatial file of your fields available, you can use the import tool. Examples of a geospatial file are shapefiles, KML-files or geoJSON-files. You may be able to download such files from another farm management system or Google Maps.

IMPORTANT: At the moment we only support the import of geoJSON-files.

Does your file have another format? No problem, there are plenty of free online converters available that help you with the conversion of your file. An easy-to-use online converter that we use ourselves is for example MyGeodata Converter.

To start the import, navigate to Fields import in the Web Portal.

Follow the next three steps to import your fields.

  1. Upload the geoJSON-file of your fields.

  2. Edit the fields and add the mandatory details to each field by selecting the field on the map.

    1. Field name

    2. Crop category

    3. Variety

    4. Plant date

  3. Review your fields before finishing the import

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