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How do you decide what field type to use?

Change the field layout depending on your crop type

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You can choose between four different field types when creating your fields. The different field types were designed with different crop types in mind:

  • Same rows: Suited primarily for permanent tree crops and berries. Use this field type, when growing the same crop with the same distance between all rows in the field. You can add multiple varieties per field.

  • Various rows: Designed for vegetable fields or nursery setups. This setup allows you to input multiple different crop types per field. Add for example two rows of lettuce, three rows of cabbage and so forth.

  • Greenhouse: Suited for covered crops, this field type allows you to input details tailored to green or glass houses.

  • Field: Use this field type when setting up fields for field crops or pasture. It is primarily used for arable and open field crop categories, such as grass, wheat etc.

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