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What are the steps to creating a job?

Quick overview of the 5 easy steps to create your jobs

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To plan or document a new task, please open the app and tap the orange + and select Create job in the mobile app.

Follow these steps (we used a spray job as an example):

1. Select job type

Select the job that you want to plan or document from the list of standard jobs or your own custom jobs.

  • Spray

  • Fertilize

  • Fertigate

  • Scout

  • Multi-location

  • Harvest

  • Custom job

2. Select your field(s)

Tap on the fields in your map to select the areas that you or your operator want to work in.

Tipp: Use the filters and search functionality on top to easily select all fields or specific crop categories or varieties.

3. Enter job details

For spray, fertilize and fertigate jobs you must add more details about the job:

  • Cause

  • Products

Adding a cause (reason for the job) and/or a product will document the job log correctly and allow you to share detailed instructions with your team members.

4. Select equipment and team member

Add the equipment to be used for the job, and assign the job to an operator/team member, who completes the job.

Note: You must invite your team members and operators to Farmable first to be able to assign the job to a co-worker.

5. Select date

Pick the date when the job was completed (in the past) or the future date it is planned for.

  • For a date further in the past, swipe down.

  • For a date in the future, swipe up.

6. View & confirm job summary

Check the summary of your job and confirm the job by

  • Starting the job right away (this will allow tracking of duration and GPS),

  • Scheduling it for the selected date, or

  • Registering it as completed.

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