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Permissions for timesheets: Who has access to what feature
Permissions for timesheets: Who has access to what feature

What can different Farmable roles or profiles do with Teams and Timesheets

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Hours can be logged by any co-worker with manager or crew access to your farm in Farmable.

By default, they can submit timesheets for themselves. Additionally, they can submit hours for teams of seasonal or contract staff, for which they are responsible (i.e. they are assigned as a team lead).

To create teams and assign team leads, go to the Web Portal > open the left-hand menu > go to Teams.

When creating a team, you can select any invited manager and crew as the team lead. Typically, a team lead is the supervisor of a team on your farm.

Access an overview of the different roles of your invited farm members:

Farm owner




Submit hours
(clock in/out; submit timesheets)

(own teams only)

View hours

(own teams only)

Add teams to harvest

(only in harvest job)

Create, edit & delete teams

Manage time settings

View & filter logs (hours and harvest)

Download reports


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