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What can you do with Teams & Timesheets?
What can you do with Teams & Timesheets?

Learn how many features you can activate with Teams & Timesheets

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Activating Teams & Timesheets Module, you have included features like:

  • Track hours worked: per employee, team, field, and job type in your Farmable App. You can track where hours are spent.

  • Allocate harvest entries: to the correct picking team in your Farmable App.

  • Manage your teams of seasonal workers: review hours worked per employee and harvest captured per team in the Farmable Web Portal. Split your crew into teams with team leads authorized to report hours on behalf of their team members.

  • Download hours and harvest recorded: Data recorded in the Farmable Web Portal can be exported as XLS and CSV-file. You can easily upload the timesheets to your payroll or accounting system of choice by exporting them.

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