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What can you do with the Sales Management Module?
What can you do with the Sales Management Module?

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The Sales Management Module is an add-on module that makes it easy to get an overview of your sales volumes and revenue per variety and per customer.

Use the extra functionality to register sales volumes and estimated prices per kilogram in the mobile app. All based on your registered harvest data.

We are automatically calculating your revenue per variety, per customer and per field. On the unlocked sales dashboard in the Web Portal, you can get a full overview of your farm's revenues.

What extra functionalities are part of Farmable's sales management?

  • Overview of produce in storage: Based on your registered harvest entries, we are automatically creating harvest batches in your storage. The batches are the basis for your documentation of your sales.

    You can find an overview of your storage in the mobile app and the Web Portal. It provides you with a quick overview of volumes for total tons harvested, total tons in storage and total tons sold.

    Note: A batch combines harvest entries of the same variety from the same field on the same day.

  • Register sales: In your mobile app you can start adding your sales. When registering sales, you can add

    • the customer you are selling to,

    • the sales volume in the number of boxes sold or the volume sold in weight,

    • the estimated price per kilogram

    When registering a sale, we will automatically deduct the sale from your storage, so that your stored volumes keep up to date.

    Note: From storage in the mobile app, you can also record losses for your harvest. To clear your storage from last season, you must either allocate all harvest to a sale or a loss from your storage.

  • Overview of sales volume and revenue: After you have activated sales management on your farm, you will get access to the Sales-dashboard in the Web Portal. Here you can filter the development of your sales by variety, by year and find your revenue per field.

    Check out the dashboard for:

    • Total volume sold per month

    • Revenue per customer

    • Cumulative revenue per year

When registering your sales revenue with Farmable, you are getting a step closer to estimating profitability per field. We are considering three main components to estimating your field profitability:

  • Sales Revenue - based on usage of Sales Management

  • Labour Costs - based on usage of Teams and Timesheets

  • Input Costs - based on product usage and costs

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