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How can I activate Teams & Timesheets?
How can I activate Teams & Timesheets?

Activate Farmable Add-ons in the Web Portal

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To activate the Farmable Teams and Timesheets module to start tracking your labor and productivity.

  1. Log in to the Farmable Web Portal using the same login details as you use in the Mobile App

  2. Once you arrive at your farms home page you will see a list across the top of the screen showing your options.

  3. If you click 'Store' you will be bought to the Farmable store where we have our Add-on Products listed.

  4. Select 'Teams and Timesheets' from the list

  5. then follow the steps with your credit card details

Note. All of our Farmable Add-on Modules come with a 30 day free trial so your card will not be charged at this point.

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