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How does Farmable use GPS?
How does Farmable use GPS?

Learn more about how and why Farmable uses the GPS location of your phone

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We have built the Farmable App with the vision that the newest versions of iPhone and Android devices will have the necessary GPS accuracy to locate fruit trees within decimeters of accuracy.

That is why our app is primarily using GPS location data of your phone. We only use it when you are actively using the features of our app.

Typical use cases when our app access your GPS location are for example:

  • Following your own progress of a spraying job or determining how much is left of a job another team member started.

  • Capturing the location of a note taken in the field.

  • Tracking the progress of a multi-location job.

  • Saving the location of a pest trap.

For older devices, we recommend that users of the Farmable App use an external GPS system to ensure the necessary accuracy of the GPS data being used to track job performance. You may already have a built-in GPS unit on the equipment that you use on your farm, and we will look into connecting with this in the near future.

What do we recommend for older devices?

Farmable recommends using the Garmin GLO 2.0. The Garmin GLO 2.0 is a compact device, small enough to sit in a cup-holder or mount on the dashboard of your tractor. It connects easily to both iPhone and Android devices.

The Garmin GLO 2.0 guarantees the accuracy of 3 meters, making it ideal for fruit tree farming operations. You can see additional specifications about the product here.

If you already own a standalone device, simply ensure it is connected to your phone using your phone’s Bluetooth settings before you start a Job in the Farmable App.

Beyond the Garmin GLO 2.0, we have also had success with both the Bad Elf GPS Pro and the Dual Skypro GPS Receiver.

How do I connect a Garmin GLO 2.0 to my phone?

You can find support directly from Garmin on how to pair a mobile device with their products.

In addition, we can offer these additional tips:

  • Start by checking the battery is inserted into the Garmin Glo 2.0

  • You can charge the Garmin Glo 2.0 with the cable provided

  • With your Garmin Glo nearby, open the Settings App on your mobile phone.

  • Select Bluetooth and activate it if not already turned-on

  • Look for the Garmin Glo in the list of Bluetooth-enabled devices

  • Select the Garmin Glo

  • Verify the phone is connected to the Garmin Glo by looking for a blue light on the Garmin Glo. This light confirms the devices are connected.

  • You can check anytime under Settings > Bluetooth that the phone is connected to the Garmin Glo.

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