How does Farmable calculate the tank mix?

Learn how the spray calculator and/or fertilizer calculator works

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The tank mix for your spray, fertilizer and fertigate jobs is calculated using the size of the drawn field and the application rate per ha/sqm/ac.

By default, Farmable is using the size of the field that is automatically calculated based on the GPS-coordinates of the drawn field.

Check out this example of how the updated calculator works for a sample job. Values used from the parameters set in the job set-up (sample data only):

1. Total Field Area = 6Ha

2. Product Application Rate = 150g/Ha

3. Equipment Tank Capacity = 2500 L

4. Equipment Application Rate = 500 L /Ha


  1. Total Field Area (6 Ha) * Product Application Rate (150g/Ha) = Total product required (900g)

  2. Equipment Application Rate (500L/Ha) - Product Application Rate (150 g/Ha) = Water Required Per Ha (499.85L / Ha)

  3. Total Job Requirement: 2999.1 L Water + 900g (Flint 500WG)

    1. Per Tank Requirement: 2499.25 L Water + 750g (Flint 500WG)

    2. Last Tank Requirement: 499.85 L Water + 150g (Flint 500WG)

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