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Who has access to my data?
Who has access to my data?

Get to know our take on data security and privacy

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You are in control of who can access your data within the Farmable platform. It is up to you as the owner of your farm to decide who you want to invite to your farm, i.e. give access to your activities, information and data.

The level of access that your team members, who are associated with your farm receive, is dependent on the role that you assign the user. Read more about the roles here.

In general, team members such as Advisors or Crew, do not have administrative access to your farm and therefore cannot edit farm account information or change data such as your fields and products.

The Farmable team has access to aggregated and anonymized data in order to improve Farmable services and product offerings. We may also access your profile on an as-needed basis to support specific help requests.

You can read more about how your data is protected in Farmable’s Privacy Policy.

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