How to use custom jobs

Set up your own job types with custom jobs

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Custom job types give you the flexibility to add any task or activity that you want to record on your farm and fields.

Use them for tasks you are doing on whole fields, and which you cannot use Farmable's standard job types for. Common custom job types that we have seen growers set up include

  • Pruning

  • Mowing

  • Thinning

  • Root pruning

Tipp: Want to create a task for specific locations in one field or across multiple fields, try our Multi-location job.

Creating new custom job types

When creating a new job, tab "Add new" to add a new type of job that you want to plan, record and document with Farmable.

All custom job types are stored in the "Custom job types"-list in your farm settings. Go to your list to add new custom jobs, and edit or delete any job type.

Disable GPS-tracking for custom jobs

If you do not want to record the GPS track with your custom job types, you have the option to disable the recording of GPS coordinates for each job type.

To do so, untick the box "Record GPS coordinates" when creating the job type.

When you disable the recording of GPS coordinates, you can still record the duration of your jobs when completing a job on your farm.

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