Sharing Notes with your advisor!
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Sharing notes keeps you and your advisor up to date about a problem or observation taken in the fields. It also helps you receive advice on-farm activities such as scouting or trapping, pest, and disease control, etc.

Why share notes with your advisors?

  • Advisors can guide you with the appropriate treatment for the pest or disease.

  • Receive advice on spray jobs, product label requirements, and other farm-related activities.

  • Notify your advisor about any problem and ask for their recommendations in finding a solution.

  • Getting detailed feedback from the advisor based on notes and implementing them helps you make better farming decisions for quality produce.

How can you share your notes with your advisors?

Go to the Home Screen > Create a note > Select your field > Write your Note > Click on the Share button on the bottom left corner > Save your note

What happens when you share a Note?

The advisor(s) immediately gets a notification in his Farmable app of the note shared by you.

Note: The Note is shared with all advisors invited to your farm.

What actions can the advisor take?

  • Advisors can leave comments on the note shared.

  • Advisors can assign or recommend you a job. For example, if a spray application is necessary.

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