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Where to find your harvest results per field
Where to find your harvest results per field

See where to find automated yield calculations per field

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You can find an overview of your yield per field in two different ways:

  • Mobile app: Select a field from your map > navigate to Harvest for all harvest entries or Yield for combined harvest results per field and variety.

  • Web Portal: Select a field from the map view > go to Harvest for yield comparison in the year-over-year graph and list of harvest entries

Your harvest and yield in the mobile app

View your harvest entries, a yield summary and the breakdown of your yield per variety in each of your fields. Get a direct overview of your total results and tons/ha per variety.

Harvest comparison year over year in the Web Portal

You can compare harvests for each field in a year-over-year graph in our Farmable Web Portal. By adding your historical harvest data, e.g. for 2022, you will then be able to compare it to your harvest in 2023.

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