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There are two ways how you can add all the products, causes and equipment you use in your production:

  • Add all your products/causes/equipment to a list in your farm settings: Use the list in farm settings, if you want to add all your products at once, e.g. before you start creating jobs.

  • Add products/causes/equipment as you plan and document your jobs: Adding products etc. as you create new jobs, you build a list of products/causes/equipment over time, without the need to add them all at once.

Manage lists of products, causes and equipment in farm settings

To create or manage your lists, go to farm settings > select causes/products/equipment > tab Add new or the pen-icon to edit

Create products/causes/equipment when creating a job

When creating a job for spraying or fertilizer application, you will be asked to add a cause, product and equipment. As you add any of the three when planning or documenting a job, the product, cause or equipment is automatically added to your list in farm settings.

For a spray job, you can for example create a new product and cause like this:

  1. Adding a new cause

  2. Creating a new product

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