How can I organize my notes better?

Add labels to your notes

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Taking notes is an important activity that helps you keep track of your tasks and thoughts, which can be used later to make informed decisions.

Note labels provide a way to organize notes into categories in a simple and easy way.

What are the benefits of using Note labels?

  • Organize your notes with the help of labels, like organizing your files in a folder.

  • Labeling your notes under specific topics helps you to find them faster and easily later.

  • By labeling notes, you can ensure that you do not forget or miss important information.

Common note labels include -

  • Observations

  • Livestock notes,

  • Germination

  • Soil conditions

  • Cost of seeds

  • Repairs

  • Dead Plants, etc.

How can you create new Note labels?

To create a new label, go to Profile > Farm settings > Labels and click on Add a new label button.

You can also Edit or Delete a label.

How can you add a label to your note?

To add a note label, Go to your Home screen and click on the + button then,

Create a note > Select field > Write note > Select label

How to use Note labels?

Go to Homescreen > More > Select Notes

  • You can filter your notes based on existing Labels from the drop-down list

  • Type and search for a specific label

  • Create as many new labels as you need to categorize your tasks accordingly.

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