Profitability graph explained

The profitability graph on the Web Portal is a useful tool when subscribed to Sales Management and Teams and Timesheets.

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What is field profitability?

Field profitability is an automated calculation, estimated on the base of information you provide when completing jobs, time allocations, sales, and other farm activities for a year. Here you can see your revenue from sales, your cost allocations, and the estimated profit.

Where to Find the Field Profitability Graph?

You can find the field profitability graph when signing in on the Web Portal under “Dashboard”. If you have no subscriptions, you will not be able to see your profitability but only the value of your input costs (Fertilizers, Pesticides, etc.). To activate the full potential of this graph, we recommend subscribing to the Teams and Timesheets module and Sales Management module to document your labor cost and revenue for sales.

How do I change the currency?

The currency displayed is based on the currency selected when adding the item to your product list, registering the sale, or labor cost.

How to navigate the graph?

You can change the year you want to view in the right-hand corner drop-down menu. Based on financial year on year. Your Revenue and Cost are displayed by the bars on the graph, your profitability is displayed as a line graph through it.

If you move your cursor over the line, you will be able to go into more detail for that specific month.

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