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Use the Safe Spraying module to benefit from product label warnings and health and safety compliance related to your spraying.

Alerts are displayed per field and are visible to everyone in your team on your farm in Farmable. Follow these three easy steps to get started:

1. Update product label details

In order to receive alerts on product label restrictions and hazard warnings in your fields, makes sure to update the following product details in the app or Web Portal:

  1. Withholding period / Pre-harvest interval: Min. period (days) between application and harvest

  2. Re-entry interval: Min. period (days) before people can re-enter the field

  3. Application interval: Min. period (days) between each application

  4. Max. applications: Max. applications per field per season

  5. Max. volume: Max. volume of the active ingredient per area per season

Click your farm name in the top left corner > go to products > select the product you want to edit > click the pen on the right side of the product name.

2. View product alerts when creating spray jobs

Now, you can start receiving alerts based on the product label requirements stored on your farm.

When creating a new spray job, you will see alerts in the spray calculator helping you to adhere to product label requirements. Check out these examples alerts under each product:

  • Application interval: Used 3 days ago. Must wait until 05/06/2022.

  • Max. applications: Will be used 2/4 allowed times this season.

  • Max. volume: Will be used 3/15 kg this season.

Note: Product-related alerts only show when you are planning and documenting a spray job. Alerts for the re-entry interval and withholding period will only appear after the first spraying job has been completed.

3. View hazard warnings on your field map and in field details

When you have completed a spray job, you and your team will automatically see hazard warnings on your fields.

These warnings are displayed in accordance with the withholding period and re-entry interval in your product library. I.e. they will disappear automatically when e.g. the withholding period has expired.

On top of that, you can find the following dates for each field in the field details. Just click the hazard icon for more information:

  1. Automatically review the first allowed harvest date after the last spray applied

  2. Automatically see the earliest re-entry date for each field after spraying

Extra functionality: Remind operators and record understanding of spraying safety compliance

Before starting a job, you and your operators will see a section called Safe Spraying in the job summary. It shows a checklist of safety requirements before starting a spraying job. This way you are making sure you are handling your duty of care and document the operator’s understanding of safety compliance for spraying right away.

  1. Product labels are read and understood

  2. Confirmation that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was in place

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